• Jennifer Hancock

Why Southwest is our Favorite Airline

Getting ready to take a flight? We are fans of Southwest airlines due to the perks they offer that seem to be lacking with other airlines.

Here are 10 reasons why our family prefers Southwest:

1. Free bags: While some airlines are charging up to $100 per bag, Southwest allows each person TWO checked bags, plus a carry-on and personal item for FREE.

2. Free snacks: Southwest provides free pretzels, chips, crackers, or cookies and beverages(soda, juice, or coffee) on their flights.

3. No change fees: Need to change or cancel your flight? No problem! Southwest does not charge for changes or cancellations. If you booked with reward points, the points go right back to your account once you cancel. If you booked a cash flight, you will receive a LUV voucher to be used toward future Southwest travel.

4. No seat assignments: Okay, this one might raise a few eyebrows. The boarding process is unique on Southwest flights. You must check-in at a computer or mobile device 24 hours prior to your flight time. This will give you a boarding number, which is basically your spot in line to board the plane. Everyone waits until their turn is called to get in line and then board the plane. I think this makes the boarding process simple. No shuffling for seats as the plane generally fills from front to back. For first-timers, this process can be stressful, but I will say that our family of 5 has never had the issue of being separated. For those who are concerned about this, you can opt to pay $15 for "early bird check-in" and you will automatically be check-in 36 hours prior to boarding, thus receiving a better place in line.

5. Pleasant Employees: We have traveled quite a bit with Southwest and I have to say they have the nicest crew and phone agents! Everyone is so patient and pleasant.

6. Plenty of nonstop options to places we love: Southwest offers an impressive number of flight routes. Check out this interactive route map here:


7. Free in-flight entertainment: Using Southwest's app, you can view a flight tracker, arrival/connecting gate information, free movies, on demand TV, access to southwest.com and listen to free music during your flight.

8. Rapid Rewards Perks: Southwest's Rapid Rewards points correspond to the cash price of flights, making it easy to maximize your points on sale flights. There are many ways to earn rapid rewards points which include paying cash for flights, dining or shopping at participating venues, and signing up for a Southwest Chase Visa.

9. Companion Pass: Qualify for a FREE companion pass once you earn 110k points - or with certain credit cards offers from Southwest Chase Visa. The companion pass allows one person to fly with you for free on every flight you take for a year. Check out Southwest Chase Visa for more information on their current offers.

10. HAWAII: Need I say more? Southwest just released their first batch of flights to Hawaii and the pricing is incredible! Flights from California to Hawaii started at $49. If you'd like to score one of these rates, ask your travel agent to alert you to future specials. Don't have a travel agent? I would love to help! Email me at jhancock@magicalmomentsvacations.com

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