• Jennifer Hancock

8 Reasons to Use a Travel Agent

Travel agents can give excellent advice - including tips like finding secluded beaches on your cruise ship's port days.

Why use a travel agent these days, when we can all book hotels, flights, and entire vacation packages with the click of a button?

While it is true that you can book most aspects of travel on your own, travel agents have much to offer their clients who choose to utilize their services.

Here are my top 8 reasons to use a travel agent.

Travel agents will _______

1. Save you time and stress: Once your travel agent knows your preferences, they can quickly make suggestions and check availability for you, saving you hours of research and time spent searching travel deal sites.

2. Save you money: An excellent travel agent will frequently monitor your hotel, cruise, or travel package for discounts and pass any savings on to you.

3. Offer their expertise: Your travel agent has first hand travel experience plus training from the travel destinations and suppliers they specialize in. Once they are familiar with what you are hoping to experience, they can make recommendations for destinations, resorts, or activities that would suit you and your travel party best.

4. Advocate for you when issues arise: Travel can be messy - it is not always 100% perfect. If issues arise, your travel agent is there to advocate for you.

5. Customize your experience: Travel agents can customize your itinerary with activities based on your preferences. Are you a foodie? Love hiking or snorkeling? Let your travel agent know and they will be sure to find the best activities for you.

6. Respond to you personally: You will have ONE person to deal with. Instead of spending your valuable time on hold with a 1-800-Call-Center, you will have direct access to your travel agent.

7. Ensure you are "travel ready": Do you know which travel documents you need for your upcoming vacation? Is your passport valid? Should you purchase travel protection? Do you know where to park at the airport or cruise port? Your travel agent can answer these questions and more.

8. Offer their services for FREE: Did you know that travel agents are paid commission directly by the travel supplier once you complete your travel? The price is exactly the same whether you book direct or through a travel agent.

If you do not currently have a travel agent, I would love the opportunity to help!

Jennifer Hancock, travel agent with Magical Moments Vacations


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